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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
I feared already that the word propagandize wasn`t a good choice by me and too generalizing. So please ignore it.
so when called upon your statements you simply back off and demand i ignore it? if you feel you were wrong, how about to execuse yourself?

On the other hand I never wrote that you ""propagandize" some evil thing". Thats your interpretation.
so you wrote what? and what is my interpretation about it?

I think nobody here would like if we discuss about posts from another forum and I wouldn`t like it. Maybe its a good idea if I stop now.
but you have started it. so, there is no post in this thread i wrote you could try to crucify me about. now its about another thread on another forum. okay. so whats wrong about my posts in that thread you mentioned?

because even thor finally admitted, that his consideration about opening the sources of p96 upon some bounty/crowd founding campain might not be as dangerous as he initially portrayed that. the thing is, now is probably too late.

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