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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
most users obviously want it how it is otherwise they would think different. Whoever buys P96 will not buy it for charity but to make profit. Depending on the person/company there might even be strategic/political reasons to do it. None of this is primarly to make users happy, it is simply business. Clever boys like Daxb with their obviously superior knowledge and experience knows what is good so when they want it they will exactly get what they deserve, perhaps even more than they asked for. But that is not my problem anymore.
That is an example what I mean when I wrote "guesswork, wrong, attacks and meanings based on prejudices". I did zero posts but read all of it at that thread and didn`t wrote somewhere else something that could confirm your statement. If you judge over something or someone you should need to prove it. Not just guessing. I think that you and everybody else expect that also from others.
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