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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
They are both just examples. There are some more but the mentioned users wrote (propagandize) here. Maybe my fault to name. Just take it as a notice, nothing more. Agree/belive it or not. Your decision.

I don`t speculate about him or his intents. I don`t know him. I don`t know if he is an evil or not. I don`t judge or defend (on speculations). And last I don`t talking about Jens, Hyperion (or how they are called), FPGA builder, P96, CGX and other persons involved. I`m talking about "discussion" style. So, maybe that is just an misunderstanding.

Thanks! Always wanted to be a hero.

I guess people have different opinions about what Amiga "community" is or how it should be. I wouldn`t count/interpret to much on the word "community". Who tells you who is part of the "community" or not. Or how he/she should behave. Sooner or later everybody will say that isn`t the "community" I like or want to be a part of because it differs too much from the own definition. Hence it is sometimes not good or wrong to use the word "community" because it push misunderstandings. During reading the thread on I also thought if this is the "community" I won`t be part of it. If you would retreat it sure wouldn`t make me happy. I`ve no personal antipathy to you.
if somebody cites me as a bad example then it is not unpersonal. My motivation to become involved was that there is a open platform that makes it possible to get rid of all the problems from the past. At the time I started I was more or less the only one but thought that the advantages are so obvious that I finally will convince most users and developers. Today it is obvious that this will never happen, the community (people still involved in one way or another) are mostly living in the past and will never move to something else, how superior it might be and be it only for naming. They want the old components like OS and P96 so they shall get them... of course having no competition will lead to high prices but as I wrote no longer my problem. We have a phrase here: "Man kann die Pferde zur Tränke führen, saufen müssen sie selbst." meaning you can offer something but not force others. I offered but the others not accepted it. So be it. For me a big win of time I can use more productive with professional software on professional OS. I will look at the situation from time to time and remind people what they have written before and have to blame themselves (or simply just look and enjoy ).
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