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Originally Posted by majsta View Post
I m for an option to keep all legal. After all everyone should get credit for hard work and all licenses should be paid. But after all blackmails I got I have no idea anymore who owns what, what is legit and what company/group represent what piece of software. After months of talking all is more and more confusing and this is becoming nothing more than:&amp;lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;br /&gt;<br />
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Read complete wiki article please &amp;lt;img src=&amp;quot;images/smilies/smile.gif&amp;quot; border=&amp;quot;0&amp;quot; alt=&amp;quot;&amp;quot; title=&amp;quot;Smile&amp;quot; smilieid=&amp;quot;1&amp;quot; class=&amp;quot;inlineimg&amp;quot; /&amp;gt;
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the problem is amiga market was very amateurish in legal sense. Many known companies only sold products but the copyright stayed at the developers. Then the amiga market collapsed and both the companies and the developers left. Now it is difficult to even find the copyright owners at all (former amiga developers, partly several) or they even block for strategical reasons. In other cases it was done only half legal. To avoid all that you would need a clean start avoiding all those old software but users obviously do not want that. So be it... they have to live with the consequences
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