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A strange but good thing happened, I formatted my notebook and installed Windows 10 from scratch and now WinUAE is working fastly again. I think it should be a graphics driver problem, because all other Windows apps are running at the same speed as usual.

Thanks for the replies and sorry everyone for the time spent on a useless problem, unless of course if my notebook get back with that problem again. Sorry also mainly for jdog, which I interrupted his conversation with Toni.

But I also want to "talk" with Toni, I have an old "problem" with WinUAE that is coming back and I dont know why, is the a2065 emulation which cant connect to nowhere when I enable JIT. I only ask that you, Toni, analyze the logs that WinUAE generated, to see if there is some problem with WinUAE or with my configuration. The logs were generated by WinUAE 3.3.0b14 (official) with the "-a2065log2" parameter. And the problem disappears when I disable JIT.

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