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It is not that easy to do in that mode. Maybe later, if even possible.

EDIT: explain a bit what happens or does not happen.
The joystick is not "inserted" on WinUAE when I hold the button. The joystick button itself is working, because I can use the button to dismiss the presentation of most games (even without any joystick set on WinUAE port 2). But I can't use the d-pad to control anything. I must set the joystick manually.

IDE write protection is not supported. Problem is that there is no "write protected" error code in IDE protocol, IDE only has unrecoverable errors like "bad block", "CRC error" and so on. Any write attempt most likely would cause filesystem to return some annoying error dialogs or retrying it forever.
It would be possible for WinUAE to temporarily disable the autoconfig entry for all the HDs like it is possible to do with the Early Setup manually? This would be the prefered way for working with WinUAE hardfiles and TOSEC disks found on the NET.
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