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Simon S
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Question Control config problems

Well, the new keyboard fix got most of the problems, but there seem to be a few oddities.

For the keyboard, all the defaults seem to be one off space on the config menu (ie. ESC is blank, 1 is mapped to ESC, 2 is mapper to 1 and so on..)

however most of the keys are in the regular place when you actually launch and use the emulator.

However no amount of messing about seems to activate the cursor keys, it ignores them regardless of what I map to them.

Also my joystick configures to the mouse port , but never seems to work when emulated to the joystick port.

It's all strange stuff. On studying it, I have 3 joysticks installed. It regards one as a digital pad (though it's a dual analog) and one as keyboard with keys mapped to all kinds of insane configs. Again, this seems to have no effect within the emulator. It still ignores the cursors, which I badly need to use Dpaint.

Any ideas?
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