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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
If there is something I miss from AmigaOS apps in many Windows apps, is the way ASL requesters automatically fill the text gadget used for entering the file name with the name of the last file which the user selected. It's much better than simply displaying a empty gadget because with a simple keystroke I can automatically select the next file on the current directory for selecting, for example, another game or the next disk from a same game. Toni, could you modify the WinUAE file dialogs for filling them with the last file name?
Windows dialogs unfortunately can't work that way. Currently selected file name in file list can't be pre-selected (or automatically scrolled to). File name field can be filled but it won't help.

But there is easier way to select other disks (at least when using GUI), right click floppy "Select image click" button.

There is something more: mouse/joystick autoswitch is a great feature for plugging the joysticks like we have done with on our Amiga's at that time, but it can't detect the joystick or mouse properly when the input configuration is set to any other than of "Game Ports Panel". I am using the "Configuration #1" to fix a small incompatiblity with my brazillian keyboard with AmigaOS 68k.
It is not that easy to do in that mode. Maybe later, if even possible.

EDIT: explain a bit what happens or does not happen.

Thank you much for accepting my suggestion about the "Master harddrive write protection". Unfortunately I think there is something wrong with it, the last time I selected it and booted Workbench from a floppy, my IDE RDB hardfile was still unprotected. And I cant write anything to the directory file system I have mounted, because WinUAE protects it always, no matter if I boot from floppy or HD.
IDE write protection is not supported. Problem is that there is no "write protected" error code in IDE protocol, IDE only has unrecoverable errors like "bad block", "CRC error" and so on. Any write attempt most likely would cause filesystem to return some annoying error dialogs or retrying it forever.

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