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At this point I really wished I had paid attention in my german classes at highschool. The P96 thread in a1k is superactive, but its all chinese to me
the short version is there was a message to the developer of a open-source FPGA based graphic card that the person sending the message is about to acquire the P96 rights, has kept amiga market alive for 10 years (very arrogant tone) and that he (the developer of the graphic card) will get in legal problems because of that if he has no agreement with the messenger, clearly threatening. The developer published the message without showing the messenger but if you look at both content, rude and arrogant tone and good german it was obvious who propably is behind it. There the discussion started, people became angry, Thor defended the P96 owners he knows from past, me and Wawa mentioning Aros components as option but being bashed for it because most people prefer original 3.X and P96. It seems that there will be more news in june (not before because both copyright owners and Thor are busy before).
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