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Robocop 3

Despite Oceans wild claims, the dongle for Robocop 3 wasn't all that great.

If the dongle had been used properly then it might have taken longer to crack.

The idea behind the dongle was simply to test for its presence, and it would return a value if present. The way that the programmers decided to disguise the read code was no different to how a programmer might disguise a Copylock protection check.

Once you got beyond the self modifying code, you simply removed them.

I'm pretty sure if you test the dongle in different ways, it returns different values, which if you were an intelligent programmer, you could use this for different aspects of the game.

For the record, Gaston of Fairlight got it at 9.30am UK time, by 17.00 UK time, it was cracked 100%!

The protection isn't very well put together, and its nice you all goto the efforts of trying to support it, but the Platinum release doesn't even have this protection, and has had several bugs removed. I'm sure I still have a dongle for this game, and am quite happy to work out what it does for inclusion into a CAPS environment...... I think you all overestimate the dongles effectiveness!

The 'hype' surrounding the protection did more to promote gamesales of Robocop 3 than the dongle itself did, because so many people mistakenly thought it unbreakable...... that was the last time anyone swallowed that rubbish.
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