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Logs are not needed in these kinds of tests. (floppy only quickstart config = can be 100% duplicated and it is core emulation related only.)

3.Ram Disk:> xfddecrunch Crusaders
xfdDecrunch 1.9 (09.09.1999) © 1994-99 Georg Hörmann, Dirk Stöcker

Reading "Crusaders" (106696 bytes)...
Decrunching "ByteKiller 1.3" file...
Decrunch failed: corrupted data

-> bad image. (EDIT: image is technically fine, OFS data blocks have checksums and checksums are fine: someone broke the executable and also "fixed" the checksum..)

Ksylitol-Kolmiteho.exe: See the screenshot.
A500 confirmed. Looks like some kind of joke production.

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