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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Heya Toni,

This is probably not beta related so apologies and please feel free to move.

I thought I'd pop here though as I wasn't sure where else to mention it and it's possibly another slight AGA display issue.

More likely though, it's just the game...

Anyway; it's with the game "Wheelspin [AGA]". I set a resolution of 720x576 so you can see everything on screen. Horizontal and vertical centering are off (if you tick horizontal centering then this makes the issue worse than below).

Probably best to explain this with a screenshot:

As you can see what I think should be the right of the title graphics seems to wrap around to the far left.

Not that it's probably relevant but same thing doesn't happen when using the ECS version.
Yes, wrong thread and most likely normal. It is not rare to see odd graphics in left overscan.
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