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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
NO-ONE unless they are monumentally stupid, sends an email telling competition of their intentions to buy the rights to something they are using, they just don't let that information get out.

They stealthily secure the rights, THEN send emails.

So I repeat, this email is bollocks, it is speculative and simply there to scare off the competition
My theory is different: some individual sees an opportunity to buy picasso96 for some money but this individual hasn't got a gfxcard on offer. The investment can only pay off, if the individual gets a gfxcard to sell which will cost both time and money for development. Now there is somebody who does a hobbyist project and will produce a gfxcard without having (large) profits in mind. The ideal victim, er, business partner for the individual. What if this hobbyist could be convinced to sell the card through the individual's computer company? The hobbyist might be convinced more easily using some pressure via picasso96. But if the plan doesn't work out, the money for picasso96 is more or less lost. How to get out of this deadlock? Try taking over the gfxcard FIRST as this in the best possible case only requires some ugly emails. Only with this product in the individual's product portfolio, picasso96 will be worth the money. That's why the individual prematurely spoke about acquiring the rights to picasso96. Since the plan apparently didn't work out and due to all the recent revelations and happenings around Amiga RTG software, I'd be very much surprised if the picasso96-deal was really going to happen.
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