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Originally Posted by SMF View Post
I am getting drunk now so excuse for my silly proposal.
Drinking is bad for your health but your question is not silly.
But why dont the hw producers who wants to opensource other peoples work opensourcee their own work? I think it would be a good beginning if they opened up cgfx and then they open up the vampire secreeets.
There is hope that the Apollo-Core some day will be produced as an ASIC. Then we suddenly wouldn't have 100 MHz with more than twice 68060-speed but rather something like 1.5 GHz. The problem is that this would require an investor and no investor will invest into an open-sourced project for at least two reasons: a) because any competitor could do the same ruining the profit margin b) because any competitor could use the source code of the core for pointing out alleged patent infringements Let me add to that that the Vampire v1 PCB is open-sourced and that there are in fact clones of it.
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