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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
You mean just like Motorola monopolises the 68k CPU market?
it is very simple... assume you have a hardware developer who sells expensive exotic hardware, then competition is there that offers vastly superior hardware at lower prices but you lack all skills to compete. Normally simply game over for you (except some people who buy from you for nostalgic reasons). Then you have only one chance if you control the software that your competition needs to gain full power. You can then even destroy competing products by giving no licenses or make them very expensive. RTG is obvious basic for a graphic card and it is also needed for Vampire. Of course Vampire without RTG still works but it limits current features. They are also planning SAGA so that might offer the chance to get a useable system even without RTG but current it would mean a loss of functionality. In my view that all is shortsighted and will not work.
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