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Originally posted by Unknown_K
Why 128mb of ram?? Do you use anywhere near that in games?
yeah, isn't that a bit much? I only have 16MB and everything seems okay... or am I missing out on something?

But a big HDD is a must for all your HD games/demos and junk just remember the limits (no more than 4GB total and partitions no bigger than 2GB)! Mine is a nice slimline 1.6GB model

And regarding those semi-3D/polygonal games ala AlienBreed3D and co: I tried out Breathless and GloomDeluxe using my accelerator but they still ran the same as on the stock '020 amiga (read: shite and unplayable) however these were relatively old disk copies.... I will have to try out the nifty WHDload versions to see if there is improvement like you say

EDIT: I also need to pick up an FPU chip as my 1230-IV didn't come with one installed!
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