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Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
For those who speak German, things are getting rather ugly in the a1k thread. To me is clear everyone knows the vampire could become a huge success, thus the vultures already start circling around to cash in on it. What a sad situation, hopefully common sense may prevail and not that the vampire team walks away as it's getting really political ugly wise so that it may start to discourage the team to carry on....

Maybe drop the whole p96 thing and do it another way, as this crap ain't worth it.
I concur, the Vampire team need to ignore this nonsense, otherwise the person behind the email wins if they quit.

Now whilst the email exists and was sent, i'm still going to reiterate what I said before, and that is NO-ONE unless they are monumentally stupid, sends an email telling competition of their intentions to buy the rights to something they are using, they just don't let that information get out.

They stealthily secure the rights, THEN send emails.

So I repeat, this email is bollocks, it is speculative and simply there to scare off the competition, and do you know what? it appears to be working, because look at the fallout.

Those behind Vampire have clearly got the competition scared, thinking there was no real alternative. Now it appears there is, and everyone is clamouring for a low cost speed performance for their Amigas, and they don't like it.

Keep on doing it, and if needs be, those with the skills, can resource any drivers and redo them to include NO original code whatsoever thus negating this entire situation.

And theres plenty of those guys around that will be happy to help
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