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Originally Posted by SMF View Post

Do you also deny the holocaust? They were both operating on a shrinking market, the p5 produced cards lasted a little longer then the rest but then eventually we had the pci bussboards and the mediator turned out as the winner.
You are severely lacking memory, or you weren there in the 90´s.

CGX was the RTG system for the best cards out there (from Phase 5) and it supported many cards which were made by other manufacturers. It was a comercial product that end users had to pay for. It was hands down the best choice.

Then there was Picasso96 that tried compete with CGX by being shareware and by charging companies for the development of drivers or by handing them their driver development kit.

There was also SAGE from Commodore that predated all of them, but it had little publicity and had a premature death along with its parent company.

MacroSystem Gmbh also released RetinaEmu which was an unreliable piece of crap that supported Retina graphic cards, which were quite affordable back then.

The guys at ProDev which sold the Merlin graphics card, released ProBench which was shareware too.

Then we have the guys of GVP that sold their Spectrum and Impact Vision cards, along with its variants. They provided the EGS system, which was rather good, but not without quirks, and was very popular due to low cost and availability of their hardware.

So there was a lot of competition in the 90´s, but none had the features and quality CGX had.

By about the year 2000, things started to change in the Amiga scene. UAE appeared and also a driver for Picasso96, which made it really popular.
Then Elbox started to sell their Mediator busboards and chose PIcasso96 for them. CGX left the Amiga platform and went to become the driver standard in MorphOS.

So what kolla is telling you is a pretty adequate sumary of why Picasso96 is popular, but not the best choice, and why it wasnt even competing with them. There were many players back then and CGX was on the top of the hill until they left for MorphOS.
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