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over at a1k - gunnar (vampire apollo) replys to thomas richter (thor)
(google translated this time):
Thomas, unfortunately you are telling only 50% of the story - why?

What happened is this:

1) P96 authors have allowed me the SDK free to use - until we make the project real money.

I have not yet made money - not one penny.

Although no money was taken I wanted to control the whole clean and had last year is licensed tried to buy.
As you know, the authors have my quotes but never answered.

2) Why I do not know.
But you kanstt you certainly still remember you had said then the P96 itself was not legally copy and other sources contained - perhaps that was the reason?

3) You then had Hyperion brought into play.
Hyperion was Euro 10 per License.
During the negotiations we went out of ~ 1000 sold Vampires.
So it was a total of 10,000 euros.

Hyperion had said clearly:
- No guarantee that the money is put into the development of 68K Picasso96
- We (Apollo) received no LAW error in P96 at fixed itself.
And if we wanted to fix errors then we are allowed no P96 release build yourself.

4) the time I had made a counterproposal:
We had offered to pay the money (10,000 euros for 1000 esteemed Vampire 2016) - under the Gedingung the money from Hyperion is used to fix to 68K software or continue to develop.
So under the condition that is used the money to improve the Amiga OS or P96 for 68k.
- As you know has rejected our proposal of Hyperion.

5) I had the P96 Authors Must we under these conditions of Hyperion but license like the P96 authors directly. We had then asked for an offer of Alex.
As you know we have received no offer.

6) Jason McMullan had then written kindly proverbial weekend a free driver.

7) We then decided to make better use of our money to support AROS. Jason (AROS) has clearly shown that there are people who also want to develop. I think that for good and unterstuetzens worth.

We have a Hyperion for Amiga fans made meaningful offer.
And we had several times you offered to pay the P96 authors directly.
So please do not assume that we do not want to pay!

while the above is good to know, majsta (vampire apollo) has some more interesting things to say:
Let me say only this, my mailbox are full of blackmail messages and I have saved all logs from IRC when few people tried to blackmail us inside apollo-team directly talking to me. At the time I wanted to publish all of this but agreement inside team was that we should continue to work and not waste time on this. Most interesting story was when one manager contacted me on IRC saying that BigGun is not telling the truth to the rest of us. Same time they were talking to him trying to convince him that such core can't work in amateur designed card like Vampire and that he should move on, to you know who. After all of that I received "contract" on my mail where basically says something like pay us money and we don't own license yet but we will and when we buy license we won't provide any upgrades or support you in any way. But at the end when you pay you can freely distribute what's already on aminet as a free package. If this story continues I ll provide all logs, "contracts" offers and even pictures of the card who was an offer from someone else in same group to replace Vampire and to destroy everything what's good inside apollo-team. Same people who tried same thing with minimig and I have also pictures to prove even that, pictures never published anywhere. Complete story is because Vampire and Apollo core will replace every card for Amiga. Milking time is over. Get over it!
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