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there is not really enough information to judge things the right way here (it looks like we're missing a lot of the picture and almost looks like only a little piece was put on twitter to encourage speculation and flame wars) but it is really a pity these battles over the Amiga keep on going on 20 years after its demise, whether it is because of ego, money or simply patent trolling.

For me personally, the older my systems become, the cheaper it must be to maintain it (repair/upgrade). It costs already a fair deal of money these days if you want to put some fresh live in these 20-30 year old machines, and I did buy from virtually all existing shops/vendors out there and multiple individual hobbyists, because I have no problem to support them. But there are limits of course.

Now in the worst case, if 1 supplier takes over the whole market (by killing off all competitors + killing any incentive for innovation alongside), and then overcharge users to buy his software/hardware products (in fact this is how every monopolist works), that would really mean the end of my nostalgic love for Amiga, and sell everything and never look back.

Same would apply if a handful of people/companies form a cartel, make sure the prices are always inflated wherever you buy, and send out cease and desist messages to anyone trying to start up something that may harm their self-esteemed acceptable profit margins.

ps: now the wickedest thing would be the twitter thing was a pure hoax just to start a war against a certain 'individual'!
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