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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
A lack of suitably priced 040/060's is a barrier that's true, but the Apollo team have managed by going around it altogether and using a FPGA.
He could have done the same but I'm not sure he has the required skill to make a 040/060 card anyway. They are definitely a lot different and harder to design than a 030 accelerator.
He could have chosen to work with people like these and take the platform forward, but no, he would rather buy ALL the remaining supplies of Amiga custom chips and attempt to make himself a monopoly in the 68k market and put a stranglehold on the community.
I understand what you are saying, but unless Im missing some major obstructionism from Jens I think you are being somewhat unfair.
I see refrences to issues being mentioned here and there etc.
BUT, Ive purchased hardware from Jens that I couldnt really get anywhere else. USB addons used to be "Out of stock" in every amigashop. Individual Computers? Readily available. Same for a few other things.
Then you have accelerators with more memory. I want a faster Amiga with more memory, and was looking at the 030 ACA with 128megs, but since I already had Blizzard 030/50, I just ended up purchasing memory from Ebay.
But noone else had accelerators for sale.
Where I agree with you, there is a market for 060. I would probarly have purchased a 060 accelerator if it was available 2 years ago from IC.
Not anymore due to Vampire.

But I was thankful for the hardware I could purchase from Jens when I wanted it.

Again, Ive been gone for over a decade, only to return relativly recently, and not knowing all the players in the current market. I just find the outrage a bit odd, unless Im missing something really nasty.
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