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ok, but asm should be used for few critical parts i assume. afair compiling storm mesa anew we even have removed the genuine asm inlays and it didnt have much impact on speed.. strange that..

now to compiler choice, i have my doubts if clang/llvm wiil have noticeable impact on aros instead of plain gcc. noticeable i mean beyond 20-50%. for 68k 2.9.x was the best, then >3.4.x was evil according to bernd and 4.5.x 5.x started to be looking good again, if not ideal. aros is using 4.6.4 now by default. i have noticed that binaries compiled with 6.x are a bit smaller if they are bigger to start with. optimization for size has improved. but the difference is minimal. what about vbcc, do you really think a work of two people can be compard to a whole team involved with gcc. do we have a proof for this? or do we simply count on a pure possibility, that it might be improved, because we know the guys and instead have so little influence on gcc team?
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