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Hi Thomas - welcome to the drama!

The Picasso96 system that we are talking about is the code likely derived from your original work. I know the stuff you have done, because we had a few conversations long ago when I made video drivers for EMPLANT's Mac emulation for the Domino and other cards of that era.

The recent level of interest in the Picasso96 system has to do with several FPGA based Amiga emulators. I am working with MikeJ on the FPGA Arcade Replay, and we have a Picasso96 compatible RTG driver. However, it is very limited compared to what it could be - only supporting the hardware sprite, and a few basic blitter replacements. What everyone is after is the driver source code, or at least some detailed documentation about how the system replacements are done. The PicassoIV board has a Cirrus chip that is used to handle quite a few of the system drawing (blits) and so the acceleration is quite fast. If we knew exactly what to patch and what is to be expected, we can make similar improvements to our drivers.

Now... having said that, if there is information about the Cybergraphics system I am all for jumping ship and switch to it. I am just looking for the fastest possible RTG.

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