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Originally Posted by Heiroglyph View Post
That's good to know.

I'm OK with having the same limitations at first when replacing libraries so that it can be validated as a direct replacement.

It's possible that to get an RTG system working in a reasonable timeframe, it might have to patch the existing libraries just like P96 and CGX did.
CGFX/P96 patched everything at least because of the following problems.

1) graphics.library is in ROM
2) they didn't want to recreate the low level Amiga chipset support

The result is a patching nightmare but it does work better than I ever thought it would have (both CGFX and P96 work and are stable on a wide range of Amigas). If wanting to create a better replacement, then it would be good to create a whole new graphics.library IMO. Leaving out the custom chipset hardware banging gets you what AROS has now. Including it has two big issues.

1) C is probably not going to give the best code quality on the 68k
2) changing the hardware banging chipset code could cause compatibility problems and not changing them could violate copyrights

I support most of your conclusions about how to go about improving/replacing the AmigaOS but it is a difficult task with all the road blocks. There isn't a modern compiler which generates good quality code for the 68k, including vbcc. Yes, it has potential and I have worked on it myself (bug fixes, ease of use, inlines, vclib code, better C99 support, improved FPU support, better GCC compatibility with builtin.lib, etc). I had a conversation with Frank Wille recently about improving the code generation. I told him that old CPU targets like the 68k are unlikely to get improved support without new hardware and standards (Volker may still make some improvements). Then you have the AmigaOS 68k road blocked by the A-EON/PPC fans who demote 68k users to 2nd class citizens and censor them. They have blocked more 68k Amiga development than their broken promises and fake support ever suggested. They ignore reasonable plans, old AmigaOS developers and the bigger Amiga 68k market including FPGA technology. They are still trying to get us to upgrade to overpriced, outdated and incompatible hardware designs. If A-EON doesn't have majority control of Hyperion after bailing them out of bankruptcy then they don't have any business sense either. Maybe it would be better to wait until the assets are for sale after they fail and have the community buy them. Of course, you may still have a problem with the crooks at Amiga Inc and their claims.
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