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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Not really.. It is impossible to replace "hardware/low level level" libraries (like exec, expansion, graphics, intuition, layer etc..) just one by one because AmigaOS does not really have any kind of real private data, many libraries access other libraries undocumented/private data directly or do other undocumented things.

Result would have been AmigaOS clone that has exact same limitations and restrictions (see below).
That's good to know.

I'm OK with having the same limitations at first when replacing libraries so that it can be validated as a direct replacement.

It's possible that to get an RTG system working in a reasonable timeframe, it might have to patch the existing libraries just like P96 and CGX did.

It's not pretty for long-term use, but if it works it works and I can move on to other projects.

Impossible. AROS is totally different internally and has built-in low level graphics driver support. AROS can have different low level device driver for different graphics mode IDs automatically, without any kind of stupid patching. This is not possible with AmigaOS. (and which makes AmigaOS RTG support total mess!)
I'm not talking about a straight port of AROS components, but rather using it as a reference for "this is how they made it work" and "Oh, I can reuse this part verbatim".
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