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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
you must simply see it this way, he is doing it for money. The market is limited so any competition (f.e. from hobby projects) is making his potential profit smaller. The Vampire project potentially destroys most of his hardware in future. So from this point of view sabotaging competition makes sense. If it is really Jens it is shortsighted because noone will buy anything from him anymore, even now it is damaging reputation and thus business already.
The only reason for me to buy an Amiga Reloaded mobo was so that I could put a Vampire 1200 into it. ;-)
If the rumors turn out to be true (I still hope they won't), it turns out he indeed sabotages that then, yes. Own goal.

Hypothetically speaking, I can see how he could be panicking about his accelerator business, but seriously, for how long can one keep selling slightly tweaked 030 accelerators for €200-250?

History has shown a millions times that ppl who try to stand in the way of advancement will ultimately fail.
Better to adapt to the new world order and see things with fresh eyes.
The record industry in the 90s really thought the best thing to do was to keep selling CDs and threaten and sue everyone that downloaded mp3's instead of having the vision and brains to see what was coming. It seems to me Mr S. Is just another one of those people?
Let us hope he proves me wrong.

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