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Originally Posted by zharn View Post
The pre-existing identified problem (NAK timeout) with real unmodified hardware when using a3640 and RR problem. I havnt not tried updating my GAL chips yet.

When will the software get updated? Im assuming by Chris.

I actually own 3 RRs so would be nice to get it fixed.
I have updated them, and same result. So dont replace them just to fix this issue. I would recomend the waitstate mod anyways. Nice little speedup ram-wise.

The problem can be fixed in three ways according to JS. Updated CPLD code on the RR, some magic with the MMU or Jens finding out this strange behaviour he claims to have something to do with 3rd party software or operating system.
I would prefer a patch was made in the meantime as at this point i really dont care to find out exactly whats wrong..
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