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Originally Posted by cmsj View Post
I think at this point we know enough to be deeply concerned about the future of RTG on OS3.x.

The Vampire guys have talked about the strongly negative experience they had when trying to give money to Tobias/Alex (the P96 guys) and ending up being talked to by Hyperion (who made it very clear that they would put zero effort into supporting P96 on 3.x).

mntmn has talked about the strongly negative contact he's had from Jens about P96.

We've probably all seen Jens trash-talking homebrew hardware on these forums.

I really hate all the negativity around this, but in 2016, the Amiga community itself is the highest priority. It's not a healthy commercial market anymore, and the best work is being done by hobbyists.

The really really stupid thing here is that the sorts of things Jens talks about (WEEE certification, ROHS certification, manufacturing, distribution) are genuinely all things that he is well placed to help with, but it seems like every time he approaches a project, they feel like they are being blackmailed/threatened because he wants them to stop work. He could be providing a friendly and transparent way to bring these projects to the community at larger scale, but I suspect by this point his reputation is tarnished beyond repair.
you must simply see it this way, he is doing it for money. The market is limited so any competition (f.e. from hobby projects) is making his potential profit smaller. The Vampire project potentially destroys most of his hardware in future. So from this point of view sabotaging competition makes sense. If it is really Jens it is shortsighted because noone will buy anything from him anymore, even now it is damaging reputation and thus business already.
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