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Originally Posted by ThomasCGX View Post
found part of the Picasso source and sorry to say: I did remember incorrectly: it was 93
if I read this correctly, not 96. Sorry about that. So now I have no idea what this
'Picasso96' actually is, probably someone disasm'ed the original since it was easier
to do than CGX and built upon this ?
I don't think they disassembled your system.
Theirs was formerly called Graffity and VT didn't want to use CGFX since they claimed that you and Frank used their IP for CGFX... old story, doesn't get any better over the years (I think we agree that Hubert was an 'interessting' guy.)

They made a deal with VT and renamed their system to P96.

BTW. VT had a lawsuit with the Picasso family later on but I don't really know how that was settled.
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