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Originally Posted by ThomasCGX View Post
Just to be clear: I do not want any money, do encourage people to do with my old software
whatever they want to do with it as long as they do not claim to be the author or
charge money for it. And a credit would be nice, but not necessary.

Also: I still have the old CyberGfx sources here, just looked and found the ones for
S3/Cirrus/Permedia etc. (e.g. Cybervision64, CyberVisionPro) and this is a quite
newer and faster codebase, just saying..
Since there is some new activity in the Amiga RTG hardware scene (Vampire accelerator boards and mntmn's FPGA Zorro card), would you be willing to help the community to have some more stability on the driver front?

The problem is that neither P96 or CGX have publicly available DDKs. Would you be prepared to make CGX freely redistributable (note: I'm not asking for open source, although that would be amazing), and publish everything people need to make hardware drivers?

Originally Posted by ThomasCGX View Post
No idea why people are using the years older P96, really, can someone try to explain
this to me and maybe the history that I missed ?
Mainly just because there's the UAEgfx driver, which is open source. Reading/forking that driver is currently the only way that people can create RTG drivers for new (particularly homebrew) hardware.
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