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Hello everyone. I am the original and only programmer of Picasso96, which I licensed
to VillageTronic under that name (chosen by them for obvious reasons) to bundle with
the Picasso gfx boards. VTC never had any rights to the software: it was an initial
version of what later became the CyberGraphics software that supported a lot of
different boards and which I licensed to a multitude of vendors. In later years it
was developed together with Frank Mariak and when I left the Amiga he took over.
Picasso96 was never public domain so I keep wondering what is going on here:
I was aware of people changing the code to adapt for newer hardware for a while
now and never minded since I also like to tinker with old hardware/software as
a hobby. Until someone forwarded this thread to me just now and I wonder how
someone else can claim to have the rights for Picasso96.

Just to be clear: I do not want any money, do encourage people to do with my old software
whatever they want to do with it as long as they do not claim to be the author or
charge money for it. And a credit would be nice, but not necessary.

Also: I still have the old CyberGfx sources here, just looked and found the ones for
S3/Cirrus/Permedia etc. (e.g. Cybervision64, CyberVisionPro) and this is a quite
newer and faster codebase, just saying..

No idea why people are using the years older P96, really, can someone try to explain
this to me and maybe the history that I missed ?
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