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I wonder how many other times Jens Schönfeld has sent veiled threats and tried to scare people into thinking they're breaking the law by making stuff for Amiga.

When I look in the other thread about the RapidRoad I see him talking about compatibility and conformance, but the ulterior motive is obviously that he wants to prevent the Vampire from running on his Amiga Reloaded motherboards, because he wouldn't be able to sell any of his inferior accelerator boards any more.

I've been trying to make people aware of how unethical, unfair and dishonestly he runs his business and works Amiga market, and people always come to his defense and tell me to shut up.

Now that he is getting increasingly desperate trying to push competitors out and control who gets to make and sell Amiga hardware, hopefully people will start waking up and realizing who he really is and how he almost runs his business like a racket.

He has no interest in Amiga or the Amiga community, he only cares about how much money he can squeeze out of it.
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