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Amiga 500 went nuts?

Hello everyone,
I have a rev8.A1 Amiga 500, with 1 MB chip mem (512K from the trapdoor, as I did the jumper mod), with Kipper's A508IDE card (IDE+8MB fast), running Workbench 3.1. Everything was fine and dandy, until I decided to run my trusty Amiga again yesterday (after around 2 weeks of sitting on the desk idly). I was quite stumped to find that barely anything works!

- all of the WHD games, that used to work like a charm, suddenly aren't loading, as every one of them returns a DOS error #13 (not enough memory), despite there being 970KB free chip and 7,8 MB fast - and I'm trying to run games that need 512K slow + 512K other. "avail" shows the correct amount of free money, and board diagnostic doesn't show any problems with the A608ide.

- out of 5 games I tried to run from the floppies, 4 have crashed the system (blinking power LED), while loading the game. XCopy didn't find any errors with the disk, while doing a checkup.

There are no leaks on the motherboard, the system itself boots fine, and some of the official-installer installed games (Monkey Island, Ultima 6) are running just fine. Any idea about this one?
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