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Something is fishy again..
Flashed the Vamp with Silver6 and installed SAGA9c.
The 600 is currently connected to a Dell monitor with HDMI & VGA (GBS8200 thing).
Starting with Hires Interlace in VGA I choose a SAGA mode and choose "Use" in screen prefs. Then the VGA goes black and I switch to HDMI source on the monitor and the SAGA mode shows up. Several SAGA modes work fine and I can restart system back into VGA , switch to SAGA , HDMI input... Works fine.. but if I choose "save" in screen prefs and reboot, so that it will show up on HDMI directly... Something happens.. WB only displays a blank WB screen with nothing on it. You can drag it but nothing else.. no menus, nothing.
Booting with no startup and removing SAGA and uaertg from devs/monitors does nothing to fix it...
What's going on? Ideas?

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