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Originally Posted by UberFreak View Post
What an incredible soap opera this has become.

As a temporary solution, just put the drivers on P2P networks and remove links to them from product websites or forums.
Good luck removing anything from P2P...
Quoting from

"No distribution restrictions as long as the the archive is complete
and none of the files within is changed."

This means that even if the current archive is removed from Aminet, anyone is entitled to continue distributing it.

I would encourage multiple people to post the SHA1 sum of the current archive, for future verification of other sources. Here is my result:

39ef141050f88bd900653ae4702a93feee844b31 Picasso96.lha

I have uploaded the file to and it can be downloaded from (they also have a page with basic metadata about the file at )

Should it be removed from Aminet, the source of the redistribution permission will also disappear, so if anyone needs this in the future, see

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