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online ocr and yandex translation:

it is important to me that You're entering into a market, I invested in the past ten years, a lot of money. You get the benefit. Say: You reap the fruits that I sowed, because without my use of it would be so many people who would be willing to money for your Amiga.
I the highest, that of the investment, something comes back. The Form In which this happens is up to You, for example
Order to production/sales - order to Design-Revision in respect of small series, and radiation optimization, adapting to the many different Iorro implementations - contract management consultancy - legalization of Your Software
the last point needs a short explanation: I am about to be the new owner of P96, what is also for sure a reason why Tobias Abt has not responded.
Since You have no valid developer license and the customer ask to use a pirated copy of P96, Your product according to EU directives already vulnerable. In the worst case of the sale of Your freshly produced cards could be illegal, And YOU just are just a naufen special waste. I don't want abs happens, but that Your product is free from defects of material And is free of legal defects.
can only think of one - remind me of the barbra streisand effect ..., does it, maybe.

After the author of this threat is fully revealed, I hope the community pulls its consequences on the basis of these facts - and kicks the money-making-machine of this dude, where it belongs.

#1) discussion on a1k - use yandex translate, works good here.
I already can read Jens and IComp

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