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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I referred to Vampire as "not a real 68k" because some months ago (over a year? can't remember) I suggested to help the project by giving it a scientific touch: Create a test suite for the target 68k CPU and actually *prove* that it is equal to a 68k. I know it can be done, and I would certainly only accept it as "real 68k" if there is a test suite, and the Apollo core passes this test suite.

When I suggested this on the A1K forum, I have been badly attacked, because everyone was convinced that this is not necessary and it would only make things too complicated and too expensive.

So let me bring this back to topic: While there is no test suite that *proves* equality over the whole instruction set, cache+MMU status, I do not consider Vampire a 68k CPU, hence there is no support for any of my products working properly with Vampire.

This support policy will change as soon as a test suite is available.

Hehe, You talk as politicians. Mayby Apollo team not need to prove anything to any one? Mayby we should change sides- mayby you should prove Apollo core is not "a real 68k"?
People like Gunnar know exactly how 68k works and how it's build. They remove any bottleneck from 68k CPU core and add new great fetures. They add 64bit architecture! So, with all this knowledge and having list of every instructions inside any 68k CPU, and then- having skills to build whole CPU inside FPGA and doing this now with many success- can they be wrong? Can they create "not real" and bad working 68k CPU inside this great "Logic Lego"? With all this knowledge and skills?
They not talk. They just do what they promised at the start, Vampire card exist and works, works pretty good. Have bugs yet, but can You imagine they can't find them and not fix them inside their own CPU? I can't. It's ridiculous.
Creating testcase. It's lot of work. Mayby too much. They test any existing software for amiga and all is working. Want see testcase result? Mayby try to write testcase by Yourself? Team will be very thankfull for this hard work I think.
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