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Honestly, do you C64 fanboys have to crash this thread and be a darn side rude to those whose opinions dare to be different to your precious own? If you don't appreciate the CPC then just take your opinions elsewhere. You prefer the bread bin, with its pastel colours - fine, but kindly talk about it on fricking Lemon64. I for one prefer AY tunes to the SID, whether that's on the ST or the CPC, and I'm entitled to my opinion. I don't care if you outnumber me to the Nth degree.

I get very tired of you and the Speccy lot dismissing the Amstrad and trying to rewrite gaming history, it had a decent enough size of the market in the UK - the major games were released on all THREE systems! You only have to look at any game advert from back then. I should bloody know because I was there. So to say "oh the CPC was just a French thing so who gives a ****" is just plain bollocks. Especially as its being written mostly people who weren't in the UK.

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