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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I'm not having a go at FPGAs, I'm just being realistic about what the Vampire is.
The one important thing missing is that you can have an ASIC made from the apollo core code without any difficulties (just lots of money required). The apollo core is developed exactly like any modern processor is (by professional processor developers, as a matter of fact) and it uses the same tools for the same ends. The VHDL code is just put through a logic synthesizer for an FPGA instead of one for a hardware library of an ASIC manufacturer. It's basically the difference between prototyping and mass production. Nobody would 3d-print mainstream computer cases but would use injection molding. However, for a market as limited as the amiga market 3d-printing may be an option. The same goes for FPGAs and ASICs: nobody would put an FPGA into a mobile phone but using FPGAs for amiga turbocards is certainly a good idea. However, in both cases the actual development work is the same: you need to design a proper 3d model (cases example) and you need to write VHDL code (processor example) REGARDLESS of the actual manufacturing method.
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