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Give it a rest guys, this isn't the place for 68k bashing, Jens bashing or Vampire worship, nor Vampire bashing or 68k worship.

Excited and all as I am for the Vampire, it's getting tiring reading crap like this polluting otherwise interesting threads. Yes, it's a "real" CPU, but that doesn't mean it behaves identically to any 68k CPU. It has to be programmed to behave as a 68k CPU, so it's hardware emulation. There's no escaping that fact, and it doesn't make it inferior to a 68k, just different. Many of the differences between it and a real 68k CPU can rightly be considered improvements, but this makes it *different*, in much the same way as a 68060 is different from a 68000. And these improvements/differences will cause different behaviour in certain circumstances, again like the difference between a 68060 and a 68000. This adds extra variables to the type of troubleshooting that's going on, so it only makes sense to discount it from testing for now.

What do you hope to achieve by derailing a thread like that? Let the Vampire speak for itself, which shouldn't be a problem if it lives up to the hype.
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