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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Aarghh ! The "regular ms windows" way of doing has always annoyed me quite a lot
Having the ability to differentiate active vs foreground is useful for e.g. copy-paste between windows.
Yeah, I just can't use Windows properly with it either. How many times you have a situation you'd need to see a certain window and write to underlying, and in the worst case you can't even move the top window because it's "child" window of something else and Windows doesn't even allow you to move it.... as an amigan I've used to a bit more flexible usage. I guess most Amiga users have double click to front option in use, but hardly not single click.

What's the purpose of this thread anyway ?
Yeah, how this tool differs from the hundreds of other possibilities which Amiga users have used always? Doesn't even OS3.x (maybe earliers too) come with the ClickToFront commodity? And MCP etc multifunction commodities have always had this built-in naturally... I bet nobody has ever used OS3.x seriously without one (configured to doubleclick or qualifier, but not to crappy Windows style).
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