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""impressive Galactic Tomb""

Yet another unplayable mess on the CPC due to tiny display and a poor 5fps.
It also requires the user to wear sunglasses to prevent damage to the eyes.

Seriously what is impressive about it? I would like to know?
There are dozens of C64 games that were made 25yrs ago that are technically better and much more playable.

I don't understand how CPC fans can be so deluded to think jerky games are superior and more playable.
It's not just about colour and palettes, smooth gameplay and high framerates are the most important factors in making a good game, and is why the C64 won the 8bit computer wars!

The popularity of the CPC in France is insignificant compared to the worldwide domination and popularity the C64 had.

As for sound, there is simply no comparison to the legendary Sid chip and i find it hilarious that people think the CPC could compete on sound quality!
Hubbard, Galway etc, enough said!
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