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Anyone here owns a Fujitsu FM Towns Marty?

Pretty sure this is a long shot, but hey, gotta try...
I recently acquired a "Car Marty" which is a quite rare console as you may know.
I got it relatively cheap, and the reason for that was that there were no cables included (and function not guaranteed, so yea, a gamble).

Now, I wonder if there are any ppl here with knowledge of the video/autput output of the Car Marty.
Upper left:
Seems to be a proprietary 22 pin connector of some kind.

I know that there was a kit released called ACD1, but its so rare, ppl made their own cables to hook it up to a normal TV.
(Power should be easy enough, 12V)

Anyway, any info that would point me in the right direction is appreciated. Thanx
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