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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Wait a minute, when did Cocolino turn open source?
These adapters:

have specific PS2 quirks that are also shown on Cocolino/Topolino. I never checked the source because I'm not familiar with PIC asm, but when I've done the conversion of Micromys to Micromys V3 (where Amiga and ST were added), I got a big box of PS2 mice that supposedly did not work on Topolino/Cocolino (roughly 50 mice that I was able to divide into 4 groups with specific protocol quirks that Micromys now covers).

Later on, I was made aware of a KVM switch issue, and added a fix for that as well (I think this was sometime later when I also introduced automatic computer recognition to the world of mouse adapters with Micromys V4).

To me, the fact that all other mouse adapters but Micromys have the same problems with PS2 protocol quirks (not errors - all fine if you read the standard between the lines) clearly indicates that they have been using each other's source code and did modifications on their own.

At least the second Aminet link is clearly under GPL, which is viral, so there is an obligation for all those who derive their own work to publish all their changes. The a1k folks did exactly that.


One more thing: See what has been done on and compare the circuit board.

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