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Newsletter from Cinemaware:

"Hey guys,

so this will be second to last newsletter before the shipping of „Defender of the Crown – Extended Collectors Cut“. At last i got the foreword from Jim Sachs and it will be a part of the printed manual. Also we made so last test for the CD-Roms and it runs successfull on different systems. So the Files for Box, Manual, CD-Case and CD-Roms are send out by the end of last week.

Right now i wait for the response of the print office(Today we also got holiday here in germany). If the last check of them is fine, the prints needs about 7-11 days for printing and delivery to my place. The boxes have to be folded and packed but this will took 2 days. So i really REALLY expect the shipping starts by the end of may. So please again, check your shipping adress. Starting next week i will print the delivery stickers.

So there was one question about how we seal the boxes. One thing i underestimated a little bit the interest about sealing the boxes because i am a collector, but more in using this stuff. So i checked the possibilities to seal the boxes. First was to shrinkwrap them. The issue here is that the Box and the Content comes from different producers so i can´t shrinkwrap them there. I also could use a shrinkwrap-machines for home offices but i don´t think the quality will be so good after i read several manuals and articles about it. Also it would also another expansion of the shipping and i really want to ship this asap. So i will tomorrow order 1000 Cinemaware-Seals to seal the boxes. I think this should be a solution for collectors of sealed boxes and also for collectors who wanna play.

For „Rocket Ranger – Extended Collectors Cut“ i will try to check if i got a company nearby that could make shrinkwraps.

You all could do me a favor. Some of the receipts don´t get this update so it would be great if you could copy this info into communities that you are active. Also replies will take a bit longer, i will take some days off till the packing and shipping process starts in the next week. When i am back, i will also write a bigger update regarding "Wings - Remastered Edition for Amiga".

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