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So, it has happened already, heh? Geez... Here at EAB (and a bit everywhere within the Amiga community), just about every single time something new comes along, some "advocates of disgrace" have to diss it down. As if stopping newcomers would help the Amiga evolve. Or, worse yet, as if some members want to maintain the status quo (which is, for the Amiga market, "near death"). Honestly, sometimes I think the Amiga community enjoys shooting it's own foot.

Will it kill anyone to let the markets decide those who win and thrive over those who don't? EVERYONE should have a shot at the game.

Stay focused, lads! Tugas are proud and strong. We conquered the world once - against all the odds - surely we'll do it again. Pay no heed to foul mongers or doomsday prophets. Good luck on your endeavour!
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