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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
They clearly mention low-spec adapters to NOT be competition. I doubt that it can be considered anywhere near competition to the highest-spec adapter Micromys V4.

There have been similar efforts on the forum where people have built good quantities of this open-source-based adapter. In the end, it resulted in a visible surge of Micromys V4 sales, because people were disappointed by the cheaper thing. Cocolino has problems with certain KVM switches, it does not do signal filtering on the PS2 end, and wheel support it not available.

Still, the offer is good if you want to have a spare that works with a selected mouse on your secondary Amiga. It will be more responsive than "real" USB HID adapters due to the lower protocol overhead. It would be even better if they would be honest about the open-source part and more clear about the connection: It's a USB connector, but the mouse MUST support PS2 protocol.

Thanks Jens
This was intended to users who want a more responsive mouse to play or use workbench without spending too much money or using ther old amiga/atari mouse.
Personally i have the Micromys, Cocolino and Rys and in no way this project was intended to compete with these ones but to give a cheap alternative.
I'll be glad if your sales go up because of me

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