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Originally Posted by FastRobPlus View Post
Are wheel mice supported (using freewheel or similar)?
For the moment no wheel is supported but we are still working on the code.

Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
Do 2 fit next to reach other? A600 not I guess?
And so no c64 compatibility?
But price looks good!
Let me remember that this is a mouse adapter only. I don't see why anyone would want to use two mouses on the amiga but the answer is no, you can't fit two together on an A600 due to A600 Case but on any other amiga you can

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
So it is not a true USB (HID) adapter, it relies on some mice supporting PS/2 protocol over their USB connector.

Its nice that there's a new supply of cheap connectors, but it would only be fair and honest to explicitly say that so as to not disappoint people.
No one ever said that it was an USB HID adapter I guess this confusion is due to the original news being on Portuguese and since google translate is not very good it could cause confusions.
No one is trying to deceive anyone You're being a little unfair.
I'm here to clearify all the doubts.
When this project was born there were a few things we consider.
First it had to be afordable and cheap, second, the reason to go with the usb plug was because it was cheaper than the PS2 plug and since new mouse are USB based we thought this was the way to go. Third it had to be small enough to fit under an Atari ST.

Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
If someone doesn't know about the Cocolino, PS/2 Fallback mode, and how these all relate together that is a pretty big chance for dissapointment.
Someone doesn't know about this and reads "working only with USB Mice" so buys it, plugs in their nice modern Logitech/razer/whatever native USB mouse and it doesn't do anything.
I'm sure that is going to be a happy camper.
Well, we couldn't try all the usb mouses on the market but we tried a few cheap ones (that was the goal). Feel free to make a compatibility list, we are going to do so and i'll post them soon.
I guess you should be one of the few to use an expensive razer mouse. I can't say for sure that it work with those mouses but i can say that it worked with every cheap 5€ mouse we tried. Low price was the objective.

Last thing, this is not Rys, this is a completely diferent adapter. It was build from the ground up with the low cost on mind.

Here's an happy costumer
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