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Thanks a lot to all to took the time to play the demo-version of RESHOOT. Or at least try to play it – some bugs prevented the game running properly (or at all) with cpus > 68020.

The demo enabled me to do some bughunting. Therefore RESHOOT now runs great on all tested configurations upto (and including) 68060. New demo approaching.

Also tried to implement some of the feedback into the gameplay. For example the playarea is a bit bigger now, overall tempo has been accelerated a little bit ... game can be played from floppy now too. :-)

@Adrian, thanks for you criticism. Yes, the game is nearing completion. No, the demo does not show all contents – by far. You´ll see a lot more variation in background graphics for example. These are painted by my fellow austrialian pixelmaster Kevin Saunders. As far as I´m aware, he´s visiting this thread occasionally :-)
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