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Heya Toni,

As you know I've been playing around with the latest WinUAE fix file you updated the other day (thanks to "Roketz [AGA]" and "A New Adventure - Fayoh 2 [AGA]" fixes)

Unfortunately I don't think "Game ports" and "Mouse/Joystick autoswitching" are working properly anymore (or at least how I would expect them to)

As a test, if I have "Port 1 = Keyboard Layout A" + "Port 2 = Keyboard Layout B" and then load a game which requires me to press the mouse button; I press the left mouse button, I then see the grey text saying "Port 0: Windows mouse" but if I look at "Game ports" I still have "Port 1 = Keyboard Layout A". Also continual left mouse button clicks just displays the message but doesn't get through the cracktro...

Can't tell you exactly when this crept in (as haven't used many of the betas) but if you want me to test older betas then I will.

PS. bit off topic and I know it's a hard question to answer but when do you think the full v3.3.0 will be released? Been waiting ages

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